To the Big City and Back

What’s it like to relocate to Southwest Colorado after 11 years in the “big city?” Do you find your sense of adventure re-awakens? Or do you miss all the experiences an urban area has to offer?

For Jodie Robertson, it feels as if “a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.” She and her husband, Alex, made the move to Twin Buttes of Durango recently and have never looked back.

Jodie was born and raised in Durango, and she and Alex were married here. It was actually Alex who suggested they consider moving from California to La Plata County. They had made their home and established very successful careers in Orange County, but the couple was reluctant to raise a family in greater Los Angeles. “We noticed the way local kids tended to act, and we didn’t want that to happen to our children. There seemed to be a feeling of entitlement, and we didn’t want our children in that environment.” Once they made the decision to move, Jodie and Alex immediately chose to live in Twin Buttes.

In contrast to the crowded, impersonal lifestyle they came from, the two now enjoy:

  • More time in nature. “I can’t say enough about the trail system,” Jodie says. “It’s incredible. I walk for miles and rarely see anyone else.” She takes off nearly every morning from right outside her back door.
  • A sense of community. Jodie notes that the residents of Twin Buttes are so welcoming. “Everyone smiles here.” On her first trips to town, Jodie remembered how people seem to feel about life in Durango. She notes that people from grocery store clerks to business owners seem nicer and happier.
  • Thoughtful planning. Jodie and her husband also appreciate the many attributes that have been carefully included in the Twin Buttes plan. The farm stand offers vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs, and flowers grown right in the neighborhood. The park and playground are ready for the couple’s future family, and along with other community members they look forward to schools, shops, and restaurants to be built on land set aside for these additions.

Jodie and Alex did not make the decision to move to Twin Buttes of Durango lightly.  Jodie had built her own thriving interior design firm in Southern California and it hurt to leave it behind.  She also wondered if she might find the cultural scene lacking after moving to the Four Corners from a city environment, but that hasn’t been the case.  “Durango has good restaurants and plenty of shops,” she says, and downtown is only a couple miles away. With Twin Buttes’ excellent cell phone service and 1GB fiber optic internet, Alex works his same job from home, while Jodie both continues with her Los Angeles company and expands her work into Durango.

Moving to Twin Buttes has been life-changing for Jodie and her husband.  She explains that their stress levels have improved and their relationships with each other and friends and family have too.  “We just bought a truck and we’re planning camping trips,” she says.

“With all that’s going on in the world, Twin Buttes seems like a pretty good place to be.”

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