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at Twin Buttes of Durango

What Inspires Your Desires?

Explore our gallery of homes already built for residents who now call Twin Buttes home. Get an idea of the variety of style and the level of quality that we welcome at Twin Buttes. Feel free to use our gallery as a resource to find an architect or builder that’s right for you.
Please note that these homes are not for sale as they are occupied by residents.

Feeney Architect
Silver Mountain Group
Ferris Woodwork
Skywalker Construction
Kogan Builders
Steve Gates Terra
JITA Contracting Townhomes
JT Builders
Classique Builders
The Home Logic
Silver Mountain Group
Sutter Homes
Ready to Build for You

If you want to build a custom home, you select the architect, builder, and engineer of your choice. Those listed below have current or completed projects, or are ready to build, at Twin Buttes: